Thursday, 28.02

WS 8: Shaping a new narrative for immigrant student’s inclusion in basic education and vocational studies – sharing best practices


Keynote Speaker: Marjo Kyllönen, Chief of Education, Department of Education


  • Johannes Kopf, Member of the Board od Directors, Austrian Public Employment Service (AMS)
  • Duncan Howard, Metropolis Project, Executive Head, Canada
  • Seong Sang Hwan, Seoul National University, Center for Multicultural Education, Republic of Korea
  • Gahha Mohammed Kamel, Director of National Library of Tunisia
  • David Kasule Wasswa, Entebbe Municipal Council, Mayor, Uganda
  • Florian Hofmann, Dekeyser & Friends Foundation, Germany
  • Simone Le Gendre, National Institute of Higher Education, Research Science and Technology, Science Educator, Trinidad and Tobago

Secretary/Brief Reporting: Hannu Hyttinen, Senior Advisor to the Mayor Education

Moderator: Ritva Viljanen, Mayor of Education of City of Helsinki


This workshop will focus on the following main question: “What sort of education policy supports successful education outcomes of first and second generation migrants and consequently helps to promotes inclusive societies? Building upon the successful case study of Finland, this session aims at sharing best practices and holding a broad informed debate on key topics such as the “Intracultural School”, the key role of language skills, full participation in society and vocational Education and Training .