Thursday, 28.02

WS 3:Consolidating democracy in a sustainable way through education for democracy and human rights



  • Wolfgang Benedek, Co-Director European Training and Research Centre for Human Rights and Democracy
  • Suren Badral, Ambassador at Large Community of Democracy Presidency of Mongolia
  • Belén Alfaro Hernández, Ambassador at Large Alliance of Civilizations
  • Lami Radi, Director Cultural and Scientific Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, UNAOC Focal Point, Morocco
  • Ayman Ayoub, Regional Director for West Asia & North-Africa International IDEA
  • Chiedza Taruvinga, International Human Rights Exchange Programme, Zimbawe
  • Maria de Conceição Pereira, PAM Vice-President, President PAM 3rd Standing Committee on Dialogue among Civilizations and Human Rights, and member of the Assembly of the Republic of Portugal
  • Recep Şentürk, Director AoC Institute of Fatih Sultan Mehmet University, Turkey 
  • Siddik Syahril, Maulana Malik Ibrahim State Islamic University, Indonesia

In light of recognizing that democracy is a universal value and that all democracies share common features and face some common challenges while there is no single model of democracy and does not belong to any country or region” (UN Resolution on Education for Democracy adopted in November 2012), this session aims at reflecting upon the role of education in strengthening democracy. Sharing best practices take center stage. Furthermore the relationship between democracy, dialogue and diversity and the use of new media tools will be further explored.