Gulya Akhundova


Gulnara Akhundova is a media and project management expert with wide-ranging advocacy expertise. Akhundova has reported on and advocated for scores of Azerbaijani writers and journalists who have been censored, threatened, intimidated, unjustly prosecuted, imprisoned, attacked, blackmailed, or murdered. Akhundova has co-authored several reports on freedom of expression including The Right to Remain Silent; Searching for Freedom: Online Expression in Azerbaijan; Media in a Chocklock: Broadcasting Media assessment in Azerbaijan; Left Behind after the Internet Governance Forum and others. Akhundova is a member of the Expression Online Initiative, a groundbreaking coalition of freedom of expression organizations working to develop best practices and promote informed public dialogue for advancing internet access and freedom in Azerbaijan. Akhundova specializes in strategic planning, new business development, and organizational management. Akhundova is based in Baku and serves as program manager for International Media Support. In parallel, she provides strategic guidance to the Baku-based Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety (IRFS) on shaping organizational strategy and designing advocacy campaigns. Akhundova has presented at international events, including European Broadcasting Union General Assembly, and served on panels in different cities of Europe and Eurasia—from Vienna to Baku.


BOS 3: Back to the basics: freedom of the media matters!  Begin: Wednesday, 27.02.2013 02:30 pm