Cultural Program

UNAOC Cultural Night

Volkstheater Vienna. Photo by Peter Achhorner
Volkstheater Vienna, auditorium. Photo by Christoph Sebastian

Intercultural Innovation Award 2012

The BMW Group Award for Intercultural Innovation, in support of the Alliance of Civilizations, under the auspices of the United Nations (otherwise known as the Intercultural Innovation Award) searches for innovative and sustainable projects around the world that are encouraging dialogue and cooperation among people from different cultural backgrounds using novel and creative methods. Non-Profit-Organisations that are active in the fields of migration and integration, intercultural awareness, education for intercultural citizenship, the role of specific groups (faith-based, women, youth, media) in promoting intercultural understanding, with a track record in managing intercultural projects and a willingness to expand their range of action, are eligible to apply.

In the first part of the UNAOC Cultural Night at the Volkstheater Vienna the Intercultural Innovation Award 2012 has been bestowed upon ten organizations. All ten winners will also become members of the “World Intercultural Facility for Innovation”, and the top five will draw from one-year support and consulting from the UNAOC and the BMW Group.


Keys to the World – Vienna in Music

The second part of the evening, hosted by Mercedes Echerer and Jasmine Taha Zaky, was kicked-off by the fabulous “Acies Quartet“, four young musicians from Carinthia who have already made their name as bright young hopes of the string quartet format. They were followed by a band who have broadened the musical palate of multicultural Vienna for the last 24 years: “Die Wiener Tschuschenkapelle”. Founded by a Croatian, a Turk and an Austrian they play music from Central and Eastern Europe without national prejudice. The third act delved into the deeply melancholy, but witty world of the Viennese folk song with Traude Holzer and Peter Havlicek, performed together as “Steinberg und Havlicek”. Following next, Aliosha Biz and Marwan Abado, the former raised in Moscow as the son of a family hailing from Austria, the latter a native Palestinian who plays the oud, formed a true musical alliance of civilizations. The final act presented a band who feels just as at home on a concert stage as in the back room of a low-key Viennese Beisel restaurant - and whose members play an Austrian Landler or a Hungarian Csardas with the same pride and passion: Rudi Pietsch and “Die Tanzgeiger”.