Thursday, 28.02

WS 2: Dealing with civic unrests and early warning rapid response – lessons learned from around the world



  • Raya Kadirova, President of the Foundation for Tolerance International, Kyrgyzstan
  • Faredun Hodizoda, Director of the Academy of Dialogue, Tajikistan
  • Dieter Von Blarer, Former Peace-Building Advisorin Central Asia of the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs' Human Security Division, Switzerland
  • Bostjan Malovrh, Representative from OSCE

Moderator: Tim Epkenhans

The aim of this workshop is to present different approaches for addressing civic unrests, such as early warning rapid response mechanisms as well as other approaches for conflict transformation and the prevention of recurrence of violence. After a presentation of two projects run in Kyrgyzstan (focused on dialogue activities set up between the government and the civil society on the prevention of violence and an early warning rapid response system in 2002-2005) and Northern Tajikistan (focused on law and religion seminars set up after 2002 in order to contain radicalization movements), an informed debate will follow with the audience and potential attendees from countries of the so-called Arab Spring will have the chance to link the cited examples to their own experience and context.