Thursday, 28.02

WS 5: Entertainment Media: Engaging Audiences with Intercultural Dialogue



  • Pascale Thumerelle, Vice President Sustainable Development Vivendi
  • Jonathan Shen, President, Shinework
  • John Marks, President, Search for Common Ground
  • Malu Viana Batista, Executive Director, Television America Latina
  • Susan Coulder, President, Global Film Initiative

Moderator: Jordi Torrent, UNAOC

Does “entertainment media” has a responsibility in the development of a world with less cultural and religious tensions and polarizations? And if yes, what sort of responsibility? This session will highlight media practices that engage main street audiences towards awareness and better understanding of intercultural dialogue issues: from migration topics, to religious minorities, to media representation of “the other” etc. How can the UNAOC become a platform for entertainment media outlets that plan or are already engaged in sustainable and creative intercultural dialogue?