Thursday, 28.02

WS 1: Promoting Intercultural understanding, Diversity and Inclusion : Learning from the corporate sector experience and Mainstreaming in Policy



  • Teo Kauppinen, CEO Via Group
  • Holger Heims, Managing Partner Falcon Group
  • Jamal Akbar Ansari, CEO Akbar Associates
  • Christopher McCormick, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Head of the EF-Cambridge University Research Collaboration
  • Milena Pighi, Corporate and Governmental Affairs, Head of Corporate Citizenship BMW Group
  • Pascale Thumerelle, Vice President Sustainable Development Vivendi

Moderator: Jean-Christophe Bas, UNAOC

For many years the corporate sector has been at the fore front of promoting diversity and inclusion. Companies which have not embraced this effort are often confronted with serious difficulty. Some companies have built their brand and their business model around the promotion of diversity and intercultural understanding - thus being within the work force and addressing the needs and expectations of consumers. This workshop will present some of the most innovative policies put in place by corporate leaders in the field of diversity and inclusion and will discuss how these experiences can eventually inspire policy, or at least provide a useful framework for policy makers.