Thursday, 28.02

Plenary Session "Making Sense of Intercultural Dialogue in our Age"


Tu Weiming

In this session Tu Weming will deliver a keynote speech on the question on how intercultural dialogue has become a key tool to address some of the world’s most pressing problems.

Further Speakers:

  • Vitaly Naumkin, President of the International Center for Strategic and Political Studies
  • Candido Mendes de Almeida, President of Candido Mendes University

Moderator: Ghida Fakhry Khane

The 21st century seems to be shaped by increasing interdependence and growing diversity, multiple brands of modernity, diffusing power and greatly diversified political cultures. So what shall we do to forge a new pluralistic order – one that preserves stability and cohesion within and among societies and a rules-based international system amid increasing diversity of cultures, ideologies and worldviews? This session will focus on the key role to be played by intercultural dialogue, on its difficulties and pitfalls. It will also illustrate the need for further efforts to bring positive change in mindsets, shift narratives, attitudes and social behaviour as well as shape intergroup relations for the better.