Thursday, 28.02

RS 2: The Mediterranean and South East Europe



  • Trond Bakkevig, Pastor Lutheran Church of Norway and Convener of the Council of Religious Institutions of the Holy Land
  • Antonella-Maria Cagnolati, Director, Congress of Local and Regional Authorities, Council of Europe
  • Seixas da Costa, Ambassador, Executive Director, North-South Centre of the Council of Europe
  • Father Fadi Daou, Maronite Catholic Church, President and CEO of Adyan Foundation
  • Joke van der Leeuw-Roord, Founding President and Executive Director, EUROCLIO - The European Association of History Educators
  • Taulant B. Hoxha, Founder of Kontour, Come and Discover
  • Ajsela Spahija, Project Coordinator, Albanian Forum for Alliance of Civilizations (AFALC)
  • William Infante, Un Resident Coordinator in Serbia

Rapporteur: Borka Jeremic, RC Coordination Specialist

Moderator: Helena Barroco, UNAOC


What are common challenges faced by societies in the Medi- terranean and South East Europe? Where are the faultlines? What are the shared expectations by peoples? This session has a two-fold focus:

The 2nd UNAOC Action Plan for the Mediterranean aims at contributing to address some of the big challenges ahead in a region that undergoes broad social, political and economic transformations. The discussion will focus on some key dilemmas such as the role of history in building a better future or the role of intercultural and interreligious dialogue as well as that of cultural and religious literacy to foster tolerance and dialogue in people’s hearts and minds.

This session will further focus on some of the key areas of the 2nd Action Plan for South East Europe 2013-2015 allowing all participants to contribute with their experience and know- how to address the persistent divides in the region as well as to share best practices.