Hadi Adanali

Senior Advisor Office of the Turkish Prime Minister

Currently Dr. Adanali is working as a senior adviser at the Office of the Prime Ministry in Turkey. As a part of his job, he is involved with the UN Project of the Alliance of Civilizations. He worked as a member of the administrative board of Anadolu News Agency between the years 2008 - 2010. Dr. Adanali lectured in philosophy, Islamic thought, democracy and human rights at Ankara University between the years 1995-2008. He worked as a visiting scholar at various universities including Bilkent University and Gazi University in Ankara, and Gregorian University in Rome. His research interest includes areas such as philosophy of communication, reason and rationality, and ethics. Dr. Adanali has a Ph.D. in Islamic Philosophy at the University of Chicago, a M.A. in Philosophy at Middle East Techni- cal University in Ankara and a B.A. in Religious Studies at Ankara University.


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