Dunja Mijatovic

Representative on Freedom of the Media, OSCE

Dunja Mijatovic was appointed OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media in early 2010, is an expert in media law and regulation from Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 2007 she was elected President of the European Platform of Regulatory Agencies – EPRA, the largest media regulators’ network in the world. She held this post until her appointment as the OSCE Representative. She has chaired the Council of Europe's Group of Specialists on freedom of expression and information in times of crisis, during which the CoE Committee of Ministers adopted the Declaration by the Committee of Ministers on the protection and promotion of investigative journalism and Guidelines on protecting freedom of expression and information in times of crisis. In 1998, as one of the founders of the Communications Regulatory Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, she helped create a legal, regulatory and policy framework for the media in a complex post-war society. She was also involved in setting up a self-regulatory Press Council and the first Free Media Helpline in South East Europe.


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