Shulamith Koenig

Shulamith Koenig – recipient of the 2003 “UN Prize in the field of Human rights”

Ms Koenig is one of five Americans since 1967 (Eleanor R. Roosevelt, Marlin Luther King, Jimmy Carter, and James Grant, others included Nelson Mandela) who received the “UN Prize in the field of Human rights” in 2003. She initiated an UN/GA Resolution affirming ” International Year of Human Rights Learning” and “follow up” to strengthen democracy as a delivery system for human rights (2000-2011). In 2011 she received from Mikhail Gorbachev a Gold Medal: “Women of the 21st Century” for her contribution to humanity. She wrote numerous articles, lectured worldwide and published several volumes on Learning HR as a Way of Life. Since 1997 Ms Koenig facilitated the development of “human Rights Cities” – enabling communities , women and men alike, to discuss, engage in dialogue and learn the meaning of human rights to their lives, to participate in the decision making process to live in community in dignity with others. Ms Koenig isFounding President of PDHRE-1988, the People’s Movement for Human Rights Learning – formerly People’s Decade for Human Rights Education – creating a new political culture based on human rights—enabling all to learn, know, plan on their own and act guided by the holistic human rights framework.