Ajsela Spahija

Project Coordinator, Albanian Forum for Alliance of Civilizations (AFALC)

For the last 5 year, Ajsela Spahija has been working for Albanian Forum for Alliance of Civilizations (AFALC), one of the most professional and important voices of the Albanian civil society dedicated to Intercultural and Inter-religious dialogue. Throughout her work, Ajsela has been engaged in peace-building activities and promotion of democratic social development. Ajsela is working also as a volunteer for Mladiinfo, a youth organization which works on empowering young people from developing countries by offering them information on various educational opportunities. Ajsela believes that youths with their energy and enthusiasm are a strategic resource that given the chance will bring positive results in society. She has been graduated for Political Science from the University of Tirana and holds a specialization in Democracy and Local Development Studies by Istituto Di Formazione Politica "Pedro Arrupe" in collaboration with Magis Tirana.