Cardinal John Onaiyekan

Cardinal, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Abuja

Mr. Onaiyekan has been created a Cardinal by Pope Benedict XVI on November 24th, 2012 and has always had a strong interest in inter-religious cooperation both locally and globally. He has been involved in leadership roles within the Catholic Church at national, continental and international levels. In 1990 Mr. Onaiyekan was transfered to Abuja, first as Bishop and later promoted Archbishop in 1994. He has been involved in priestly formation at both junior and major seminary until June 1982, when he was appointed a bishop for Ilorin Diocese. Ordained a Catholic priest on 3rd August 1969 he proceded to Rome for higher eccclesistical studies from 1971-1976. Born 29th January 1944 in Kabba, Kogi state of Nigeria, after primary school education in Kabba and secondary school in Benue State, he entered priestly training in Ibadan - Nigeria and later at the Pontifical "Collegio Urbano de Propaganda Fide", Rome until June 1969.