Pascale Thumerelle

Vice President Sustainable development, VIVENDI

Pascale Thumerelle is Vice President, Sustainable Development at Vivendi. She leads the group's sustainable development strategy and policy throughout the group. Vivendi's contribution to sustainable development consists of enabling present and future generations to fulfill their need to communicate, to feed their curiosity, to develop  their talents and to encourage intercultural dialogue. In this role as soon as 2003, she defined three strategic issues for Vivendi: promotion of cultural diversity, sharing of knowledge, protection and empowerment of youth. These 3 issues are integrated into the variable remuneration of Vivendi Senior Executives.
In 2012, Pascale launched “Culture(s) with Vivendi, A journey through cultural diversity”, a new web site (www. cultureswithvivendi.com) which aims to facilitate access to knowledge, encourage the expression of talent and par- ticipation in cultural life, and promote a spirit of openness.


BOS 4: Diversity of media content  Begin: Wednesday, 27.02.2013 04:30 pm