Patagaw Talimalaw

Secretariat General, World Indigenous Television Broadcasters Network

Talimalaw (Paiwan, Atayal) is the current Secretariat General of WITBN. Before the official post of the Network, Talimalaw has been working as the secretariat co-ordinator for the network since March 2010. In 2006, Talimalaw joined Taiwan Indigenous TV as a journalist and later produced and presented the first Indigenous English weekly news program in Taiwan. In 2010, under WITBN’s staff exchange scheme, Talimalaw was invited to Maori Television to produce WITBN’s pilot international news program, Indigenous Insight. Working under WITBN, Talimalaw is also the international project leader for news and helps establish the first media content sharing platform for WITBN, I.P.S. Media Service. Talimalaw currently resides in Karasjok, Norway, and works as an adviser for the Indigenous media NRK Sápmi.


BOS 4: Diversity of media content  Begin: Wednesday, 27.02.2013 04:30 pm